Metal Finishing Industrial & Metal Polishing

Available metal finishing and metal polishing for all industrial & commercial requirements including aerospace and medical finishing and manufacturing.

Most any metals including stainless steel, aluminum and plastic polishing

Our dedicated staff with state-of-the-art equipment allow us to offer you an extensive variety of metal finishes:

  • Grinding: basic stock removal using either stone or coated abrasives.
  • Metal Polishing: mirror finishing
    Jitterbug Finish
  • Metal Finishing: includes industrial polishing & buffing, Stainless Steel, Aluminum and most metals.
  • Line Graining: a directional scratch pattern using coated abrasives.
  • Stroke Sanding: a means of flat sanding for large, long, or heavy items.
  • Brush Finishes: a semi-directional pattern using coated or woven abrasives.
  • Buffing: an operation accomplished by working the substrate with cotton or sisal wheels with an application of cutting compound. This usually follows a belting (or polishing) operation.
  • Color Buffing: a final cleaning and brightening operation that uses soft cotton wheels with an application of rouge. This usually follows the operations mentioned above.
  • Burr Bench: any number of detailing operations (performed either by hand or with a bench tool). Examples include light grinding, filing, fine detail buffing, de-burring, and I.D. metal finishing.
  • Special Finishes: unique finishes ranging from a simple jitterbug finish to an intricate, custom patterns on most metals. Stainless steel, steel, and, aluminum finishing.
  • Ra. Testing: testing the surface roughness or texture of an item, using a tool that scans the surface of said item and reports the Ra. (roughness average) in micro-inches or micro-meters as described in note #4 on most blue prints. Ra.=AA=CLA Ra. finishing, #4, #6, #8 finish
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning: a process in which items are immersed in an environmentally safe aqueous solution that has been excited by sound imitating transducers. Our clients are thrilled with the results. Special cleaning provides the best in industrial metal finishing and metal polishing.

We have earned the metal finishing reputation from years of quality metal finishing, buffing workmanship and specialty¬†jitterbug finish. Competitive pricing and flawless metal polishing services. Bud’s polishing and metal finishing have taken advantage of advancing technology fro industrial application with high to low production runs. The goal is to exceed your expectations and to solve your challenges in utilizing all expertise.