We can virtually polish any material. We just ask that all metals are without paint, anodize or any other coating. Some materials may polish out “better” than others. This can heavily depend on the quality or alloys that you choose for your process.

No are strictly a polishing company. However; with many years in the business; we can provide references to best fit your needs. We do suggest, in most instances that materials be pre-polished before welding and sometimes before coating/bending. Please feel free and we will help you plan your specific project.

We accept cash or check only at the moment. If this is a problem; there are times when we will accept a fax or scanned copy of a check, payable to Bud’s Polishing Inc, in order to release a COD order.

Yes we do, but this is strictly on a case by case basis, pending total cost, your payment history with us, and frequency of orders.

No we do not. We only polish on raw, material, without paint, coating or plating, except in some special applications. We ask that all items for polishing are chemically stripped and prime for polishing. There are occasions that we can outsource the stripping process, but we try to keep this at a minimum. If we do; we can rarely quote the price up front. We can do our best to help you find your desired services.

For custom jobs; we typically ask for 5-8 working days. For production jobs, we usually ask for 4-7 working days. Of course, these lead times change with our current work load. This can change with the difficulty of the job and the amount of items per order. Please ask for each specific project. We do offer and expedite service for an added charge. The charge will vary depending on the desired lead time and how much work each project calls for.

Yes. We have for many years. Every job is different, of course and there may be some limitations.

We can, but we try to minimize these services in order to focus on our polishing and turn around. We generally ask the customer to supply shipping and delivery services. Contact us further if you need further help in these areas. Though, if absolutely needed, we can ship via UPS, USPS, or any other delivery service; but pricing will depend on items in question.

There is no uniform pricing. Different substrates, finishes, thicknesses, weights, dimensions, quantities and frequencies all influence pricing. There is a big difference in 1 piece, as opposed to 1,000 pieces for polishing. Also, the difference between a one-time order and weekly orders greatly influence price as well. So these details are critical when asking for a quote. Please fill out all details on our REQUEST A QUOTE PAGE, and include all details. We will follow up with any further questions concerning quotes and orders. As of 1-18-18, we have minimum charge of $85.00. This could fluctuate depending on the simplicity of the job, packaging requirements, and frequency of job/customer.

Our operation is located in Anaheim, CA. Though, for 2 decades, we have serviced many customers throughout the US by way of shipping via UPS, FED, USPS, and other freight companies. In the past, we have done on-sight work, but this depends in our in-house work load and location of a particular project.

We have a 52″ wide belt sander. It is best to keep the width slightly less than that, to ensure the best results. With that being said, we can accommodate up to 30-40 foot long, if needed. This machine has a 6″ maximum height or thickness. For larger or asymmetrical parts, we can employ our 8′ sand stroker. We ask that you mark at least each surface, with arrows denoting desired grain direction. Please do so with a marker. This will help streamline the polishing process and eliminate any polishing errors.

We do not, however we will do our best to help you on your project. Polishing equipment and materials can be expensive. Also, the polishing process is dirty and can be dangerous. In general; it is best to have you polishing done professionally. We can point you to a polishing supply company if desired.